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When you are thinking about executing enhancements to your residence such as an expansion, loft conversion or new garage, it is essential that you locate a good, reputable builder.

I make certain that you have seen and become aware of most of the horror stories and calamities created by so called 'cowboy' contractors. It is so usual nowadays that they have actually even made a whole television series on the topic (Cowboy Builders - Five).

So how do you guarantee that you prevent every one of these troubles and go about finding on your own an excellent builder who is not going to let you down?

Well, it is a lot less complicated compared to you may think. Basically, all it takes is a bit of good sense, a little of study and some clear guidelines and if you follow our pointers listed below and you need to not go also much incorrect.


You ought to always do some study to verify the high quality of work carried out by a builder before employing them to do any type of work.

Request for a list of six previous customers and contact them for feedback. Preferably, prepare to see 1 or 2 of the clients and watch the work for on your own, specifically if the job is relevant to the work you require doing. At the minimum you ought to request for created recommendations from the home builders previous clients.

Any reliable builder will certainly be more than delighted to offer you this details and so if you satisfy any type of resistance or hesitation at this beginning you ought to assume very carefully about whether you wish to go any type of further.

Appearance And Behaviour

Check the appearance of the builder prior to you employ them due to the fact that a 'dodgy' builder will certainly usually dress shabbily, drive a slapped out white van, generally with no markings and typically not come across as very professional. It sounds like a saying however these points are the telltale indications of a 'cowboy' builder and you should guide well clear.

In terms of behaviour, be really dubious of any type of tradesperson that will certainly not dedicate to a routine, will certainly not place anything in composing and/or does not offer invoices. If they seem also excited to estimate promptly and cheaply without also appropriately checking out the job they are pricing estimate for your suspicions need to be increased.

Collaborate with An Established Local Company

A tried and checked method to stay clear of problems with your builder is to deal with a regional company that has a recognized online reputation. This means that they will have a fixed office address, a company phone number and if VAT is being billed, a VAT enrollment number.

Correspondence on letter headed paper with all of these products provided is likewise an excellent indicator of a real business.

Ideally they will also operate as a Limited Company instead of a sole trader, however this is not necessary if the various other points take a look at.

If these are the only methods of contact that the tradesperson will certainly provide you, Mobile telephone numbers and email addresses are disposable so be cautious.

The reason why a neighborhood organisations is better is that they have to protect their credibility in the local area since word soon navigates if they do a bad job or let a person down.

Be Clear About Your Requirements

To prevent any uncertainty regarding what you have actually agreed, placed whatever that you desire performed in creating and request a written quote back from the builder. Again, any type of good tradesperson worth dealing with will certainly anticipate this.

It is very important that you do not keep altering your mind concerning exactly what you desire once the work has actually begun as the builder will charge you added for changes at this stage and this is where several disputes can start.

Obviously, often points will certainly need to alter and in this case you just need to be clear regarding the adjustments that you agree and want with the builder any extra expense that this could include prior to the job is done. Once more, you should document all changes in composing.

Other Points To Be Aware Of

In regards to agreements and arrangements, the regular suggestions in these scenarios uses. Do not authorize anything that you have not review and/or totally recognized.

When it come to settlement for the job, your builder could ask for some cash ahead of time however this ought to be avoided if whatsoever feasible. Once the job has actually been completed to the concurred strategy and signed off as satisfactory, a reliable builder will just anticipate repayment. As a rule of thumb, you need to never ever more info pay more than 10% of the complete cost in advance.

On a larger range task, stage settlements may additionally be needed but, once more, you ought to be clear ahead of time regarding what you are spending for and when.

If your builder demands all or part settlement in cash after that walk away. You will be fuelling the black economic situation and leaving yourself open up to the risk of taking care of a rogue investor.

Finally, be wary of any person who comes knocking at your door using to 'do you a favour' or has 'products left over from a previous job' and can do you a 'large amount which will certainly save you cash'. Do not pay attention! It will never save you cash to utilize a builder in this scenario.

If Things Go Wrong, what To Do

If points do go wrong or you are unhappy with the quality or extent of the work accomplished, speak to the builder steadly and plainly and clarify why in the first instance.

The next stage would certainly be to place your problem in composing if the builder does not respond.

You should look for additional recommendations if you still can not obtain a resolution after placing things in writing. Individuals that you can count on are your Solicitor, the Citizens Advice Bureau, Trading Standards or the appropriate Trade Association. It really relies on the nature and degree of the issue or dispute.


There you have it. If you wish to locate a great, reputable builder, do some research prior to you start, be clear regarding what you place and want whatever in writing and utilize common sense when it pertains to agreements, arrangements and repayment.

If possible, organize to go to one or two of the clients and view the job for yourself, particularly if the job is appropriate to the work you require doing. At the very the very least you need to ask for created referrals from the building contractors previous clients.

On the topic of settlement for the job, your builder could request some cash in advancement however this ought to be avoided if at all possible. A respectable builder will only expect repayment once the work has been finished to the agreed strategy and authorized off as sufficient. It will never conserve you cash to use a builder in this scenario.

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